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The air blow gun widely use for blowing dust, water, powder, debris and various industrial or household. Also for automotive maintenance, car repair shop cleaning work, household blind corner blowing off. Great for blowing dust, water, powder, debris and other industrial or household cleanup task. Improved valve design makes this blow gun more convenient, faster, and easier to use for all applications, Comfortable Lever Control And Insulated Handle. The Angle tip is for increased precision. The handle is designed with excellent grip for an ergonomic feel, easily regulated. Precise and easily regulated,High blowing force, Connection in plastic to reduce the tightening torque. And Lightweight design Lower noise levels, the operation is quiet with noise levels below 80 dB. 360 Degree Swivel Hook, easy for daily use and convenient for placing and storage. Long Air Flow Nozzle is easy to reach tight areas and make sure the safety of delicate or sensitive areas.


Professionalism and efficiency are our unremitting pursuit

Air Blow Guns Manufacturers

We offer a broad range of pneumatic tool products, covering Assemblies, Material Disposals, Metalworkings, Auto maintenance, etc.

Our excellent team is always devoting themselves to innovate and develop new products to meet varies of demand from customers. As Air Blow Guns Manufacturers, our products and customized brands have covered more than 30 countries in Europe, the USA, Australia and asian ones such as Japan, ROK and Singapore.

Benefiting from 30 years of experience in production, “SLAIR” has become a well-known professional pneumatic tool brand in China. During this period, we have continued to upgrade our production facilities and testing equipment to achieve quality & service life for high standard. Furthermore, we do cooperate with customers to improve the products in technical innovation, performance and durability, up to the Industrial Design Regulations.

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Full Range of Professional Air Tools

SLAIR owns a complete product line,which sums up to over 100,and some of them are self-developed and have obtained patents.Wholesale Air Blow Guns Suppliers, Factory

Attractive Packages and Customized Designs Available

We provide amazing designs of Packages and Instructions which are available for more than 5 languages(i.e.EN/FR/DE/ES/IT)

Speedy & Efficiency Logistics

Speedy & Efficiency Logistics


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Industry knowledge

Industry knowledge

What is Air Blow Gun?
An air blow gun is a tool that uses compressed air to blow away debris or dust from surfaces, tools, or machinery. It often has a nozzle that can be adjusted to focus the air flow. The gun can be used in a variety of applications, including industrial and automotive settings, to clean or dry surfaces, cool hot objects, or clear out debris.
To use an air blow gun:
Connect the blow gun to an air compressor: Attach the blow gun to the air hose coming from the compressor.
Adjust the pressure: Turn the pressure regulator on the air compressor to the desired setting. Be sure to use the proper pressure for the task at hand, as using too high of a pressure can damage delicate surfaces.
Turn on the air compressor: Turn on the air compressor to start the flow of air.
Aim the nozzle: Hold the blow gun with both hands and aim the nozzle at the surface or object you want to clean or blow off debris from.
Trigger the blow gun: Squeeze the trigger to start the flow of air from the nozzle. Move the blow gun in a sweeping motion to cover the entire surface.
Turn off the air compressor: When you're finished using the blow gun, turn off the air compressor and disconnect the blow gun.
Note: Always wear safety gear, such as eye protection, when using an air blow gun.
Air blow guns have a variety of applications, including:
Clearing debris: An air blow gun can be used to clear debris, such as sawdust or metal shavings, from work surfaces, tools, and machinery.
Cleaning surfaces: An air blow gun can be used to clean dust, dirt, and other debris from surfaces, such as engines, electronics, or HVAC systems.
Cooling objects: An air blow gun can be used to cool hot objects, such as welds, after they have been worked on.
Drying surfaces: An air blow gun can be used to dry surfaces or objects, such as after washing or after a surface has been wetted with a cleaning solution.
Clearing pipes: An air blow gun can be used to clear clogs from pipes, hoses, or ducts.
Industrial settings: Air blow guns are commonly used in industrial settings, such as in manufacturing or automotive repair, to clear debris and clean surfaces.
Agricultural settings: Air blow guns are sometimes used in agricultural settings to clean debris from equipment or structures, or to dry crops.
Other applications: An air blow gun can be used in many other applications where a controlled flow of air is needed to clear debris, cool objects, or clean surfaces.
The advantages of using an air blow gun include:
Efficient cleaning: An air blow gun is a quick and efficient way to clean debris from surfaces, tools, or machinery.
Precise control: With an adjustable nozzle, an air blow gun can be aimed precisely to reach specific areas or surfaces.
Safe to use: An air blow gun is generally considered safe to use, as it uses compressed air instead of chemicals or other hazardous substances.
Versatile: Air blow guns can be used in a variety of applications, including industrial, automotive, and agricultural settings.
Cost-effective: An air blow gun is a cost-effective solution for cleaning and clearing debris, compared to other methods that may require chemicals, specialized tools, or a lot of manual labor.
Environmentally friendly: An air blow gun does not produce emissions or waste, making it an environmentally friendly solution for cleaning and clearing debris.