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Features of pneumatic technology

1. The pneumatic device has a simple structure, light weight, simple installation and maintenance. The pressure level is low, and the use safety is relatively safer than the hydraulic system.
2. The working medium is inexhaustible air, and the air itself does not cost money. The exhaust gas treatment is simple and does not pollute the environment, but the power consumption is large, the energy conversion rate is very low, the initial cost is low, but the use cost is high.
3. The adjustment of output force and working speed is very easy. The action speed of the cylinder is generally 50~500mm/s. But the running speed is not stable.
4. The reliability is not too high, and the service life is greatly affected by the cleanliness of the air source and the frequency of use.
5. Using the compressibility of air, it can store energy and realize centralized air supply. The energy is released for a short period of time for high-speed response in intermittent motion. Buffering is possible. Strong adaptability to shock loads and overloads. Under certain conditions, the pneumatic device can have self-protection ability.
6. The full pneumatic control has the ability of fireproof, explosion-proof and moisture-proof. Compared with the hydraulic method, the pneumatic method can be used in high temperature applications (usually within 160°C).

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