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The air needle scaler is used for cleaning and removing surface dust, weld slag, or paint. Adjustable bayonet-type needle housing lock allows adjustment without special tools. Precision heat-treated needles for maximum performance. Powerfully cleans surfaces you need to weld, prime and paint, by removing old paint, rust, dirt, and weld slag from metal. It removes rust and scale quickly without letting the grime collect in hard-to-reach areas like solvents do. Adjustable sleeve for job specific requirements, and high wear resistant steel needles. This is the dependable tool for all surface preparation needs involving cleaning or removal of paint, rust, dirt, or weld slag. The tool can easily convert from a needle scaler to a weld flux chipping hammer.General maintenance needle scaler easily converts to a weld flux chipping hammer. Adjustable sleeve to fit protrusion of the needles to the task to be performed, Every component, mechanism, and function has undergone rigorous testing to ensure long-lasting performance.


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Air Needle Scaler Manufacturers

We offer a broad range of pneumatic tool products, covering Assemblies, Material Disposals, Metalworkings, Auto maintenance, etc.

Our excellent team is always devoting themselves to innovate and develop new products to meet varies of demand from customers. As Air Needle Scaler Manufacturers, our products and customized brands have covered more than 30 countries in Europe, the USA, Australia and asian ones such as Japan, ROK and Singapore.

Benefiting from 30 years of experience in production, “SLAIR” has become a well-known professional pneumatic tool brand in China. During this period, we have continued to upgrade our production facilities and testing equipment to achieve quality & service life for high standard. Furthermore, we do cooperate with customers to improve the products in technical innovation, performance and durability, up to the Industrial Design Regulations.

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SLAIR owns a complete product line,which sums up to over 100,and some of them are self-developed and have obtained patents.Air Needle Scaler factory

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We provide amazing designs of Packages and Instructions which are available for more than 5 languages(i.e.EN/FR/DE/ES/IT)

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Industry knowledge

Industry knowledge

What is Air Needle Scaler?
An air needle scaler is a pneumatic tool used for surface preparation and cleaning tasks, such as removing rust, paint, and other debris from metal surfaces. It works by firing a series of needle-shaped projectiles at high speed, loosening and removing the material to be removed. The tool is typically powered by an air compressor and is a popular choice for many industrial and automotive applications.
An air needle scaler is commonly used in a variety of industries, including:
Automotive: For removing rust, paint, and other debris from auto bodies, frames, and engines.
Manufacturing: For cleaning and preparing metal surfaces before welding, painting, or coating.
Shipbuilding: For removing rust, paint, and other contaminants from the hulls of ships and other marine structures.
Construction: For removing rust, paint, and other debris from bridges, buildings, and other structures.
Foundries: For cleaning and preparing castings before machining or finishing.
In general, air needle scalers are a versatile and efficient tool for surface preparation and cleaning tasks, providing fast and effective removal of stubborn materials without damaging the underlying surface.
The main advantages of air needle scalers include:
Speed: Air needle scalers can remove stubborn materials quickly and efficiently, reducing the amount of time and effort required for surface preparation and cleaning tasks.
Versatility: The tool can be used on a variety of surfaces, including metal, concrete, and masonry, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.
Precision: Air needle scalers allow for precise control of the needle projection, enabling the user to target specific areas without damaging surrounding surfaces.
Reduced Physical Effort: Because air needle scalers are powered by compressed air, they require less physical effort to operate compared to manual tools, such as wire brushes or sandpaper.
Cost-effective: Air needle scalers are relatively low-cost tools compared to other surface preparation and cleaning tools, making them an economical choice for many applications.
In summary, air needle scalers offer a fast, versatile, and cost-effective solution for surface preparation and cleaning tasks, making them a popular choice for many industries and applications.
Here are the steps to use an air needle scaler:
Preparation: Make sure the air compressor is set up properly and the air needle scaler is securely attached to the air hose.
Adjust the needle projection: Most air needle scalers have a mechanism to adjust the length of the needle projection. This allows you to control the depth of the needle impact and avoid damaging the underlying surface.
Safety precautions: Always wear appropriate safety gear, including eye protection, gloves, and a dust mask.
Start the air compressor: Turn on the air compressor and allow it to build up enough pressure to operate the air needle scaler.
Begin cleaning: Hold the air needle scaler at a slight angle to the surface being cleaned and activate the trigger to begin firing the needles. Move the tool in a back-and-forth motion to cover the entire surface.
Control the speed and pressure: The speed and pressure at which the needles are fired can be controlled by adjusting the air pressure at the air compressor. Start with a low pressure and gradually increase it as needed.
Clean up: Once you have finished using the air needle scaler, turn off the air compressor and clean up any debris generated by the cleaning process.
It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and safety precautions when using an air needle scaler to ensure proper and safe operation of the tool.