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This type of pneumatic tire repair tool can compress air for power. It is widely used on tires, rubber products, metal, and other materials for polishing, burr repair, etc. Designed to quickly and efficiently clean, ream, or drill the inner liner. The Tire buffer tool with a low speed and powerful torque is suitable for deep processing. Low-speed avoids excessive wear. At the same time, it avoids high-speed running to generate heat and damage your tires. Tungsten Steel Grinding Head: The auto tire repair kit comes with one metallic buffing wheel head that is durable enough. And it is easy to be replaced when worn a precision chuck, easy to install and disassemble. Convenient for you to change the tire grind head. Pneumatic buffing tool is equipped with a muffler pipe to reduce the exhaust noise. The directional exhaust is away from the working area, providing you with a comfortable working environment.


Professionalism and efficiency are our unremitting pursuit

Air Tire Buffers Manufacturers

We offer a broad range of pneumatic tool products, covering Assemblies, Material Disposals, Metalworkings, Auto maintenance, etc.

Our excellent team is always devoting themselves to innovate and develop new products to meet varies of demand from customers. As Air Tire Buffers Manufacturers, our products and customized brands have covered more than 30 countries in Europe, the USA, Australia and asian ones such as Japan, ROK and Singapore.

Benefiting from 30 years of experience in production, “SLAIR” has become a well-known professional pneumatic tool brand in China. During this period, we have continued to upgrade our production facilities and testing equipment to achieve quality & service life for high standard. Furthermore, we do cooperate with customers to improve the products in technical innovation, performance and durability, up to the Industrial Design Regulations.

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Full Range of Professional Air Tools

SLAIR owns a complete product line,which sums up to over 100,and some of them are self-developed and have obtained patents.Air Tire Buffers Suppliers, Factory

Attractive Packages and Customized Designs Available

We provide amazing designs of Packages and Instructions which are available for more than 5 languages(i.e.EN/FR/DE/ES/IT)

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Speedy & Efficiency Logistics