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Air Tool & Accessory kit, you will get power tools such as an impact wrench, air ratchet ratchet, air die grinder, blow gun, air hammer, dual air chuck, tire pressure gauge and included in this value is a range of additional handy air accessories. This kit has it all. Treat your air compressor with maximum torque-powered air tools and get the ultimate bang for your buck. Whether you’re looking to try out your Do-It-Yourself skills or need to tackle large industrial projects, this economical and high-performance air kit collection has what it takes to get the job done. Customized with ergonomic grips and built to last, while still compact and portable enough to keep stowed away in trunks or garages in case of roadside emergencies or general auto/tire maintenance for safety. If you often work with an air compressor, this versatile kit is the perfect partner for all your DIY skills.


Professionalism and efficiency are our unremitting pursuit

Air Tool Kits Manufacturers

We offer a broad range of pneumatic tool products, covering Assemblies, Material Disposals, Metalworkings, Auto maintenance, etc.

Our excellent team is always devoting themselves to innovate and develop new products to meet varies of demand from customers. As Air Tool Kits Manufacturers, our products and customized brands have covered more than 30 countries in Europe, the USA, Australia and asian ones such as Japan, ROK and Singapore.

Benefiting from 30 years of experience in production, “SLAIR” has become a well-known professional pneumatic tool brand in China. During this period, we have continued to upgrade our production facilities and testing equipment to achieve quality & service life for high standard. Furthermore, we do cooperate with customers to improve the products in technical innovation, performance and durability, up to the Industrial Design Regulations.

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Full Range of Professional Air Tools

SLAIR owns a complete product line,which sums up to over 100,and some of them are self-developed and have obtained patents.Air Tool Kits Suppliers, Factory

Attractive Packages and Customized Designs Available

We provide amazing designs of Packages and Instructions which are available for more than 5 languages(i.e.EN/FR/DE/ES/IT)

Speedy & Efficiency Logistics

Speedy & Efficiency Logistics


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Industry knowledge

Industry knowledge

What is Tool Kit?
A tool kit refers to a collection of tools, often housed in a box or case, that is used for a specific purpose or trade such as construction, mechanics, or computer repair. The tools within a tool kit may vary depending on the intended use, but can include hand tools, power tools, measuring instruments, and other items specific to the trade. The purpose of a tool kit is to provide the user with the necessary tools to complete a job or task efficiently and effectively.
The usage of a tool kit depends on the specific tools included and the intended purpose of the kit. However, some general guidelines on how to use a tool kit are:
Familiarize yourself with the tools in the kit: Before using the tool kit, take the time to examine each tool and understand its purpose, function, and usage. Read the instructions if available.
Choose the appropriate tool: Identify the task you need to complete and determine which tool in the kit is best suited for the job.
Safety first: Always use the tools as intended and follow all safety guidelines and precautions, such as wearing eye and hearing protection, keeping power tools grounded, and properly securing workpieces.
Proper maintenance: Regularly clean and maintain your tools, such as oiling metal parts, cleaning electrical contacts, and sharpening blades. This will ensure that the tools remain in good condition and perform optimally.
Organize and store: After using the tools, store them properly in their designated places in the kit, this will make it easier to find and use the tools the next time you need them.
Note: The specific steps and usage of each tool in a tool kit may vary, and it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines.
A tool kit has several advantages, including:
Convenience: Having all the necessary tools in one place makes it easy to find and use the tools you need, without having to search for missing pieces or tools.
Portability: Many tool kits come with a carrying case, making it easy to transport the tools to different job sites or locations.
Organization: A tool kit helps keep tools organized and in one place, reducing the risk of losing or misplacing tools.
Versatility: Many tool kits include a variety of tools that can be used for a range of tasks, making it a versatile option for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts.
Savings: Buying a tool kit can often be more cost-effective than purchasing each tool separately, especially for those starting out or who have limited tool needs.
Ease of use: Tool kits often come with instructions and user guides, making it easier for novice users to learn how to use the tools correctly and effectively.
Increased efficiency: Having the right tools readily available can help you complete tasks faster and more efficiently, saving you time and effort in the long run.
Tool kits are used in a variety of applications, including:
Home repair and improvement: A basic tool kit can be used for everyday household tasks, such as hanging pictures, fixing furniture, and performing basic plumbing and electrical repairs.
Automotive repair: Automotive tool kits are designed specifically for repairing and maintaining vehicles and include tools such as sockets, wrenches, pliers, and screwdrivers.
Woodworking: Woodworking tool kits typically include hand tools such as chisels, saws, hammers, and planes, as well as power tools like drills, sanders, and routers.
Electronics repair: Electronics tool kits include specialized tools, such as precision screwdrivers, pliers, tweezers, and cutters, used for repairing and maintaining electronics such as smartphones, laptops, and other devices.
Construction: A construction tool kit may include hand tools like hammers, saws, and levels, as well as power tools like drills, sanders, and circular saws.
Gardening: Gardening tool kits include tools such as pruning shears, digging spades, and cultivators, used for maintaining a garden or landscaping.
Note: The specific tools included in a tool kit will vary depending on the intended use and application, and it's important to choose a tool kit that includes the tools you need for your particular task or trade.