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Air Tools Company in China

We offer a broad range of pneumatic tool products, covering Assemblies, Material Disposals, Metalworkings, Auto maintenance, etc.

Our excellent team is always devoting themselves to innovate and develop new products to meet varies of demand from customers. As Air Tools Company in China, our products and customized brands have covered more than 30 countries in Europe, the USA, Australia and asian ones such as Japan, ROK and Singapore.

Benefiting from 30 years of experience in production, “SLAIR” has become a well-known professional pneumatic tool brand in China. During this period, we have continued to upgrade our production facilities and testing equipment to achieve quality & service life for high standard. Furthermore, we do cooperate with customers to improve the products in technical innovation, performance and durability, up to the Industrial Design Regulations.

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Full Range of Professional Air Tools

SLAIR owns a complete product line,which sums up to over 100,and some of them are self-developed and have obtained patents.Wholesale Pneumatic Tools Factory

Attractive Packages and Customized Designs Available

We provide amazing designs of Packages and Instructions which are available for more than 5 languages(i.e.EN/FR/DE/ES/IT)

Speedy & Efficiency Logistics

Speedy & Efficiency Logistics



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Industry knowledge

Industry knowledge

The principle behind pneumatic tools
The principle behind pneumatic tools is the utilization of compressed air to generate mechanical force and power. These tools operate based on the laws of fluid dynamics and the conversion of potential energy stored in compressed air into kinetic energy to perform work.
Compressed Air Source: Pneumatic tools require a supply of compressed air to function. This compressed air is typically generated by an air compressor, which pressurizes the air by reducing its volume. The air compressor draws in ambient air, compresses it using a pump or a similar mechanism, and stores it in a pressurized tank or system.
Air Pressure Regulation: The compressed air needs to be regulated to match the specific requirements of the pneumatic tool. Different tools may have different pressure requirements, and proper pressure management ensures safe and efficient operation.
Valves and Air Control: Pneumatic tools have built-in valves that control the flow of compressed air. The air flow can be controlled manually through trigger mechanisms or automatically by the tool's design. When the valve opens, compressed air is allowed to escape, creating a high-speed airflow.
Key features of pneumatic tools
Power and Efficiency: Pneumatic tools are generally more powerful and have a higher power-to-weight ratio than their electric counterparts. Compressed air provides a consistent and strong power source, allowing these tools to handle heavy-duty tasks with ease.
Lightweight: Pneumatic tools are often lighter than their electric equivalents because they lack heavy motors. This makes them easier to handle and reduces user fatigue during prolonged use.
Versatility: Pneumatic tools come in a wide variety of types and sizes, including air drills, impact wrenches, nail guns, sanders, grinders, and more. This wide range of tools makes them suitable for many different applications.
Safety: Compressed air is generally safer than electricity when used in certain environments, such as in potentially explosive or flammable atmospheres.