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How is the torque rating of an air impact wrench determined? NEWS

How is the torque rating of an air impact wrench determined?

The torque rating of an air impact wrench is determined through testing and measurement using a specific procedure. Here are the steps involved in determining the torque rating:
Calibration: To ensure accuracy, the air impact wrench is first calibrated. This involves using a calibrated torque sensor or a torque transducer to measure the applied torque accurately.
Torque Application: A specialized fixture or tool is used to hold the fastener or the object on which torque will be applied. The air impact wrench is securely connected to the fixture or tool.
Air Pressure: The air pressure supplied to the air impact wrench is set to a specific level, often at the maximum rated pressure specified by the manufacturer. This ensures that the tool is operating under ideal conditions.
Socket and Fastener: A suitable socket is attached to the air impact wrench, and the fastener to be tightened or loosened is secured within the fixture.
Controlled Operation: The air impact wrench is activated and operated in a controlled manner. It is allowed to run until the fastener is tightened or loosened completely.
Torque Measurement: During the operation of the air impact wrench, the torque sensor or torque transducer measures the actual torque applied to the fastener. This measurement is typically recorded electronically.
Recording Results: The recorded torque measurement is then used to determine the torque output of the air impact wrench.
Calculation: The torque rating is calculated by comparing the measured torque to the actual applied torque during the operation. This rating is typically expressed in pound-feet (lb-ft) or Newton-meters (Nm).
Verification: To ensure accuracy and repeatability, the process is often repeated multiple times, and the average value is taken as the torque rating.
Users should always adhere to the air impact wrench manufacturer's recommended air pressure and other operating parameters to achieve the specified torque rating accurately and safely. Additionally, periodic calibration and maintenance of the tool are essential to maintain its accuracy and performance.

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